Top 5 ways to sneak more veggies in kids’ diet

Are your kids refusing to eat food whenever they see slightest greens or yellows in the form of veggies in the dish? Most of the kids and toddlers are fussy eaters but here’s a way to deal with them. You can serve the kids using the same ingredients the same recipe and they’ll still say a big yes if you change the way you present it. The best dietitian in Delhi says to make kale chips or turn the vegetables into spirals so that they resemble spaghetti. Try, try but never give up with kids and their underrated tantrums. 

If you are a struggling parent looking for ways to sneak in veggies then here are some ideas that may help you feed your kids nutritious! 

Tuck them in a sandwich: Whether it’s a cabbage-carrot or a beetroot-pumpkin combination, you can sneak in varieties of veggies inside whole wheat bread. Many times kids are just bored of the same old taste. You may be surprised to find your kid has a taste for eggplant or spaghetti. You may never know until you try! Sliced avocado makes the ultimate addition to any sandwich, including the kid-favorite ingredient- cheese. Also, avocado is a superfood, with almost a complete spectrum of nutrients.

Blend them into soups: Almost any vegetable makes a great puree that you can hide in your kid’s favorite dish. Zucchini and carrot purees are a hit because it is naturally sweet in flavor. Try exotic combinations that might add flavor to your kids’ taste buds like lemon basil soup or carrot-capsicum or pumpkin-tomato soup. Embellish your favorite soups. Cucumber, grated carrots, green beans, radishes, tomato, spinach leaves, lettuce too can be the part of a soup.

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Hide veggies in pancakes/ chelas: Grate, grind or blend, whatever works for you! Grate tasteless gourds, grind tomatoes or blend broccoli and you can add them to different flour combinations to make a tasty pancake out of it. Keep oats, ragi, bajra flour ready and all you need to do is add as many colorful veggies as you want. Try healthy options like ragi broccoli pancake, oats carrot cheela or besan pumpkin pancake. Add a dash of shredded red and green bell peppers to give it an attractive look. Berries and Cherries, shredded coconut, coconut sugar or home-made milk cream can be one of the healthy, appealing and tempting garnishing options for pancakes.

Bake them into pizzas: According to the best dietitian in North Delhi, you can make a tasty spread of pureed vegetables with sauces to hide the vegetables or you can add grated cheese with finely shredded veggies. If pizza is for dinner, throw extra salad on top for a fun meal to eat, and easy two-in-one dinner. Arugula salad with tomatoes and parmesan on top of a mixed veggie pizza can be an option. Lycopene rich homemade tomato sauce is even healthier, by stirring in pumpkin puree. It adds fiber and beta carotene, with a mild flavor and creamy texture. You can use pureed boiled spinach leaves on the pizza dough before spreading the sauce.

Slurp them into smoothies: Whether you enjoy smoothies for breakfast, a snack or even dessert, it is a great way to sneak in those daily servings of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Add greens to breakfast smoothies. Packed with healthy fats, vitamin E, and vitamin B6, avocado is the one superfood we love to liquefy! Carrot smoothies are all-time favorite. Strawberry, banana, and kale are some of the best food items that can accompany any other vegetable or fruit with milk and curd and come out to be the best smoothies combinations of all.

Other ways of sneaking in veggies could be as follows:

  • Layer zucchini slices into lasagna. Stir broccoli florets into macaroni and cheese. Toss tomatoes into an omelet. Slide peppers into a cheese quesadilla.
  • Use yogurt and make dips of certain veggies like a tomato.
  • Blend some carrot or spinach juice with a fruit juice you enjoy, such as orange or tangerine.

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Other options that you could explore can be pudding and baked tikkis. These recipes are not only kid’s friendly but can even be served to adults who feel having five servings of fruits and vegetables are difficult.

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