The 2 Week Diet

The Tortoise Never Actually Wins: Debunking the Diet Industry’s “Slow and Steady” Approach


The mainstream dieting industry continues to push the “Eat less, workout extra” mantra. Meanwhile, American dieters strive five diets consistent with year, and ninety five% of them in the long run fail, consistent with one examine.

The slow and regular technique can be effective, but it’s miles frequently an oversimplified solution to a complex hassle.

Brian Flatt, owner of R.E.V Fitness and writer of The 2 Week Diet, suggests that virtually powerful answers should account for recent findings on the interaction of hormones and energy, cellular irritation, and the complicated psychology of weight reduction.

The 2 Week Diet

“The key to weight reduction isn’t counting energy — this ought to be evident through the obesity trouble we’ve got here inside the U.S. Losing weight has lots extra to do with eliminating bad energy whilst increasing appropriate calories, using a strategic system that debts for the way the frame’s hormones method vitamins,” he proposes.

“In different phrases, failure to shed pounds in the past has now not been your fault. Instead, you have not been given the right weight reduction system.”

Cellular irritation, a bit-known and even much less understood trouble, is truely a leading motive of weight advantage.

Flat echoes current studies from Harvard Medical School, “Control of cell infection can efficaciously boom our potential to shed pounds, burn fat, increase metabolism, and maintain frame fats from returning.” Put sincerely, handling mobile inflammation leads to a more fit and longer existence.

The enormous majority of current weight-reduction plan techniques forget the mental forces surrounds weight-reduction plan attempts, which often make or spoil a weight loss plan’s fulfillment.

The 2 Week Diet

With his lots of his customers in mind, Flatt remarks, “Again and again it’s been shown that strict, difficult-to-observe plans actually don’t paintings. The equal goes for diets that don’t produce immediately results.”

The 2 Weeks Diet does away with the “Eat much less, exercise extra” paradigm for correct. Instead, dieters devour crucial vitamins that the body wishes for true fitness and proper functioning, at the same time as disposing of nutrients that gradual or maybe save you fat-burning.

The software additionally makes use of numerous dietary supplements that, in aggregate with the weight loss plan, assist users recruit frame fats to be burned for gas, thereby maintaining their lean body mass, and elevating their metabolism.

The 2 Week Diet

Flatt promises, “In the primary week by myself, your clothes could be looser, you may feel lighter and you’ll experience 10 times better.”

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