Shaving will glow face

In the house now that shaving will glow face


People are often nervous to shaving and shaving offer by spending money by going to the salon. If you are shaving more than once a week in the house, it may be more beneficial to shaving. Just you and the correct way of shaving products in need of some urgent. If you prefer not to shaving cream, shaving several ways you can do so. Not only that, but when you are shaving your face and also take care of some important things will begin to glow.

Enhances skin from shaving men. Many times while shaving men are facing many problems, such as Skin Corrosion, cuts and infections. Before shaving and after shaving should adopt measures which can prevent skin problems and can find soft skin.

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During shaving, follow these methods in order to avoid upcoming problems


Oil Massage

Before shaving the neck and face massage with almond oil. It gives the skin vitamins. Makes the skin healthy and soft. Almond oil at night before going to bed becomes soft skin on the face is easier to shaving. And skin healthy and soft turns.


Hot water

Bath with warm water before shaving. Hot water is different skin and hair soft. Shaving is easier to get. If you do not have time wet towels warm water showers for ten minutes and then shave or put it on your face.


Do not dry the skin, shaving

If your skin is dry then a few important things to keep in mind that, because the dry skin on your face when shaving will not glow. Skin is affected. So you may have trouble. The day before you sleep at night by mustard or almond oil. After the morning warm water and put it on his beard. Then to shaving.

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Do not shave in the opposite direction

Whenever you razor shave if in one direction the blade or razor Run. Chilti your skin and shave in the opposite direction are also scarring.


Aloe Vera

alovera-mask-for-detoxificationAfter shave creams, you need to impose any kind is not expensive. For this you cut the leaves of aloe vera gel on the face after shaving. It does not irritate the skin.


peel or cut on the face

If shaving the face is cut chipping or you create a paste of turmeric and apply on the face. Turmeric Anti-Flemetri and anti-Maikrobail properties. Protect the skin from infection.


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