Kirsten Vangsness Biography By Amy Newberg

“Kirsten Vangsness Biography” by Amy Newberg is a book full of information about the author’s “Kristen vangsness” family. The book provides new information about the Vangsness family history and it is a fun read.

“Kirsten Vangsness” by Amy Newberg is about the author’s parents and grandparents. It is a nice, quick read for anyone who has an interest in Kirsten Vangsness and her family history.

kirsten vangsness Biography and Life

The history of the Vangsness family begins with a grandmother who was raised in Germany. Her parents were longshoremen and they immigrated to America with a desire to become a doctor. They met in Boston, and they married shortly after the country was founded.

Kirsten Vangsness went to the United States and graduated from Oberlin College. She then joined the Navy as a medical corpsman. After six years of service, she worked as a hospital nurse. She worked in many hospitals, specializing in child psychiatry.

When Kirsten Vangsness left the military, she worked for three years as a psychiatric nurse in California. She went on to work as a family nurse in Arizona and in Oklahoma. She stayed in Oklahoma, working with children until she became interested in starting her own practice.

kirsten vangsness

Kirsten Vangsness learned how to cook while working as a kitchen staff member for a hospice. The experience inspired her to get her culinary degree from the University of Oklahoma. She now runs her own catering business.

Vangsness also says that she has a great relationship with her son. She talks about her family’s love for each other and their various challenges and triumphs in the past. Vangsness and her husband have two wonderful daughters, and they remain close to them.

Vangsness’ Bibliography contains a list of books she has written and one that has not yet been published. In addition, she has contributed chapters to many books and short stories.

Vangsness makes a point of mentioning all of her experiences and the names of many people that are important to her. She discusses the efforts of her family and how they found their way together. While the story may seem familiar, there is something about this book that makes it unique.

As a result, the author’s daughters mentioned that their mother “could easily have rehashed the same old anecdotes” or picked a different name. Instead, she chose to remain true to herself. Vangsness has maintained a strong, consistent personal style throughout her writing career.

When I first started reading the Kirsten Vangsness biography, I had a feeling that it was a work that I was not going to like. However, I enjoyed it so much that I made a mental note to look at it again.

This book provides a wealth of information about Kirsten Vangsness and her family. It is a fun read.

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