Do Not Be Afraid Of Corona Virus: These Ways To Escape Corona Virus

Do Not Be Afraid Of Corona Virus, Do Not Pay Attention To Rumors, Only These Ways To Escape

The Government of India has informed in Parliament that there are 28 thousand 529 people within the country. those that are being monitored on the idea of doubt. While in India, the CoronaVirus has been confirmed in a total of 30 people thus far.

Three of those patients were from Kerala who has recovered completely. While 27 people are currently being treated. But the alarming thing is that Corona Virus, which started in China, is now spreading much faster than China. Till a few months ago, China was facing 18 times more cases than the entire world. except for the last about 1 week, cases of coronavirus are decreasing in China. While the amount of its patients is increasing within the world.

Research About CoronaVirus

Scientists in China have claimed in research that Corona Virus is changing itself rapidly and efforts to fight it’s going to be weak. within the language of science, it’s called Mutation. Scientists claim that Corona Virus currently has two types, one is L-Type Coronavirus, and therefore the other is of S Type. Scientists say that the L-type coronavirus is new and more deadly. Type L Corona Virus is liable for 70 percent of CoronaVirus cases.

This research has been done on a limited number of patients. So, not much is often said about it immediately. But if this virus is capable of adjusting itself, then scientists will need to work harder to seek out a cure for it. Currently, quite 95 thousand people within the whole world are infected with this virus. While 3 thousand 286 people have died thanks to this. But the great thing is that quite 53 thousand people infected with Corona Virus are now fully healthy.

Cases Of The CoronaVirus In India

Cases of the Corona Virus in India are increasing rapidly. Therefore, you ought to take some precautions for it. But at the instant, know what’s the status of this Virus in India. After coming back from Italy an individual from Delhi came in touch together with his relations in Agra and the corona virus was confirmed in 6 relations. This person came in touch with 88 people in total and everyone is being monitored as a precautionary measure.

Apart from this, the CoronaVirus has also been confirmed in 16 citizens of Italy. and therefore the test results of his Indian driver have also come positive. it’s believed that these Italian citizens also visited Agra before Rajasthan. These citizens had roamed around 6 cities of Rajasthan and stayed in 6 different hotels. After this, 50 rooms of those hotels are sealed. it’s believed that these citizens of Italy came in touch with about 215 people before the infection was confirmed.

Apart from this, an Indian who returned to Telangana from Dubai is additionally affected by the Coronavirus. This person met an individual from Singapore in Dubai who had symptoms of the coronavirus. The Telangana patient met about 88 people before the infection was confirmed. additionally, Corona Virus has also been confirmed in an employee of a personal company returned to Gurugram from Italy and an Indian returned from Iran in Ghaziabad, adjacent to Delhi, is additionally infected with Corona Virus.

Altogether 27 new patients of Corona Virus are currently being treated within the country. and therefore the government fears that the amount of Corona Virus patients may increase within the coming days. in sight of this, all the faculties up to 5th class in Delhi are closed till 31st March. Today about the CoronaVirus … Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has also informed the country’s Parliament. you ought to also hear their important things today.

The fear of the corona virus has reached the country’s parliament today. Many MPs today reached Parliament by putting on a mask, many Congress MPs used sanitizer repeatedly. Some MPs told the folk the way to avoid this virus, and a few said it by singing.

CoronaVirus And Rumors

Rumors spread more quickly than any Virus and sometimes convince be fatal. So today we would like to caution you about some rumors spreading about Corona Virus.

First Rumor

The first rumor is that you simply can cure Corona Virus by eating garlic. it’s true that garlic proves to be effective in many diseases.


But garlic can cure CoronaVirus… it’s not been confirmed in any research. Therefore, don’t believe garlic within the event of corona viral infection, rather follow the recommendation of a doctor.

Second Rumor

The second rumor is that eating Chinese food also can cause Corona Virus. Believing this rumor, people are abstaining from eating Chinese food and also are reluctant to travel to Chinese restaurants.

Chinese food

But this rumor is additionally baseless. the planet Health Organization or the other agency has not issued any advisory regarding Chinese Food.

Third Rumor

The third rumor about CoronaVirus is that you simply shouldn’t eat cold things like frozen dessert and kulfi and stand back from frozen foods.

frozen dessert

But this rumor also has no basis… and no research claims that eating cold things can cause the Corona virus.

Fourth Rumor

The fourth rumor is that applying trash to the body and consuming cow urine also doesn’t cause Corona Virus. But no research project yet supports this claim.

Fifth Rumor

The fifth rumor is that CoronaVirus can infect you even after touching the products from China. it’s true that Corona Virus can survive for several hours on things made from plastic or metal. But it’s very difficult for Corona Virus to survive on this stuff during a long journey.

There is also a rumor about Corona Virus that it’s possible to treat it with simple Anti Biotic medicines. But consistent with WHO, Anti Biotic medicines only treat bacteria and aren’t effective against viruses.

Another rumor about the CoronaVirus that always flares up is that its cure has been found. But at the instant, the reality is that its cure has not been found yet and scientists from everywhere the planet are busy making its medicine and vaccine.

The biggest rumor being raised about CoronaVirus is that there’s no possibility of survival after its infection. This thing is completely baseless. Because within the case of Corona Virus the death rate is simply 3.4 percent i.e. only 3 out of 100 people infected with this virus die.

There is a rumor related to this Virus that is often avoided by wearing a mask. But the reality is that Mask is effective for the patients of the CoronaVirus. And a healthy person doesn’t need it. If you’re also applying the mask to guard against Virus, then it should be fully fit on your face, if it’s loose in the least then there’s no use.

There is another rumor associated with the Corona virus which is that CoronaVirus doesn’t affect the drinkers. this is often also absolutely baseless news. the reality is that alcohol weakens your health and weakens your body’s ability to fight against such viruses.

There is no cure for rumors and rumors. But vigilance can prevent both. Therefore, don’t blindly believe any rumor, rather check the facts first then take any step.

CoronaVirus is a communicable disease, meaning it can spread rapidly from one person to a different. But at this point, the speed of rumors in our country is quite this Virus. At this point, if you’re in any city of India, you’ll be scared of infection of this Virus. So today we’ve prepared an all India report on Corona Virus. during this special report, you’ll get news everywhere the country about this virus and it’ll also know the way of prevention.

Now you ought to realize the symptoms of Corona Virus. These include symptoms like headaches, dry cough, difficulty in breathing, muscle aches, fever, and tiredness. But we would like to reiterate here once more that there’s no getting to test Corona Virus in every case.

If everyone reaches the test with these symptoms then it’ll have a nasty effect on the resources… because no country has the resources to look at every one immediately. This work is even harder in India… because the population of India is quite 135 crores. So don’t be concerned about Corona Virus and stand back from rumors associated with it. Because CoronaVirus in India doesn’t take anyone’s life or not … Rumors definitely prove fatal.

Let us now tell you ways you’ll recognize the symptoms of CoronaVirus and the way you’ll understand the difference between ordinary Flu and Corona Virus. Today we’ll answer all of your questions during this regard.

The first question is, do you have to get the Corona Virus tested?

CoronaVirus Symptoms

The first thing is that if you’ve got chilly or have trouble breathing then it’s not necessary that you simply have CoronaVirus. you’ll need to get Corona Virus tested only under certain circumstances. These conditions are dry cough, pain, blocked nose, and throat pain or irritation. Whether or not you’ve got a fever with these symptoms, you ought to be screened for Corona Virus.

Apart from this, if there’s tons of infection in your systema respiratorium and no other reason is liable for this, then you ought to get CoronaVirus tested. the foremost important thing is that if you’ve got traveled to such a rustic a minimum of 14 days before these symptoms appear. Where Corona Virus is spreading rapidly, you’ll get to undergo screening of the Corona Virus.

Also if you’ve got are available contact with someone affected by CoronaVirus. Then you ought to take care. But if you think that you simply may have Corona virus, then you ought to first isolate yourself. you ought to not go too on the brink of your family.

First of all, ask your family to invite a mask. in order that once you sneeze or cough it doesn’t spread to others. Also, contact your nearest doctor and tell him about your symptoms and travel history.

The doctor will examine you to seek out out if you would like to urge the CoronaVirus tested. If the doctor advises you to urge tested, then your samples are going to be tested. And until the report comes, you’ll need to stay in isolation and if your test result comes positive then you’ll need to stay in the hospital for a couple of more days, but albeit your result’s negative, you’ll still need to occupy home for 14 days. Because sometimes it takes 14 days for the symptoms of this virus to seem.

The coronavirus has spread to quite 80 countries of the planet, and Britain’s big scientist Neil Ferguson believes that the planet is losing the battle against the corona virus. Ferguson has said that the spread of this disease to quite 80 countries may be a sign that the planet couldn’t understand its outbreak in time.

The coronavirus, which originated from China, has now spread to each continent of the planet except Antarctica. Some countries also are being accused of hiding the reality associated with it. But currently, there’s an environment of fear about the Corona virus within the whole world. you ought to see during this report how the planet is facing this danger.

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