Coriolis K5 Hair Straightener: What You Need to Know

The Corioliss K5 hair straightener is one of the latest innovations developed by the brand. This straightener, despite a very sober design, belongs to the category of high-end professional straighteners of the latest generation. No doubt, Coriolis K5 is from one of the best hair straightener available online and it is hard to choose one from the. How you may do so?

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The Coriolis K5 Straightener: A Professional Looper

It is one of the latest in the Corioliss straighteners range. With a sober and not very original design, it nevertheless counts, in our opinion, among the best curler straighteners on the market.

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While the hair straightener market is overcrowded with devices with ceramic plates, Corioliss made the bet to equip its device with hybrid plates, composed of ceramic and tourmaline.   The tourmaline coating, also called ionic coating, is ideal for combating frizz. The ceramic coating, it is intended to facilitate the sliding of the plates on the hair.

These hybrid plates heat up in less than a minute. Their temperature oscillates between 120 and 230 degrees, which allows the straightener to extend its action on all types of hair: fine, thick, long, curly, afros, normal. These ceramic and tourmaline (evaporation) plates are adjustable using the thermostat with which the appliance is fitted. When the desired temperature is reached, the indicator light with which the device is fitted turns green.

A priori, all the conditions seem to be met to achieve quality brushing with this straightener and delight all young ladies regardless of their hair type.

A hybrid device, the Corioliss K5 straightener can be used with or without treatment (like a conventional straightener). For this, the straightener is equipped with a “steam” button, which, once activated, allows the use of the capsule treatment. Also on the practical side, we appreciated its 360-degree rotating cord.

All these characteristics allow the Corioliss K5 straightener to be not only a straightening iron or only a hair treatment device but also a styler that allows achieving curls or slightly wavy hair.

Coriolis K5 Straightener: The Capsule Treatment Straightener

The particularity of the Corioliss straightener is its hair treatment system using keratin or argan oil capsules, which makes it a professional-quality straightener and a serious competitor for the Steampod straightener.

The real Corioliss innovation is a treatment in a diffusion treatment capsule. Indeed, the Corioliss K5 straightener comes with 12 caps of Keratin Elixr.

Note in passing that several types of treatment are available. The range is also composed of Argan Shine and Keep My Color capsules.

Each of these treatments responds to a particular type of care:

  • Keratin Elixr: For a deep hair repair.
  • Argan Shine: For a great shine obtained thanks to the Argan oil which nourishes the hair.
  • Keep My Color: Reveals the shine of colored hair and prolongs the duration of coloring.

These capsules are also compatible with the Corioliss K3 straightener.

From a technical point of view, the keratin treatment is diffused by the vapor emitted by the floating plates and instantly heals the hair. The addition of care deeply repairs and strengthens the cuticle and regenerates the hair fiber. The composition of the plates allows effortless smoothing and real care efficiency.

The Corioliss K5 straightener is therefore ideal for professional use but its ease of use makes it a useful straightening iron for all users, novices or not.

The Corioliss K5 Test: An Apparatus for All Kinds of Hair

As usual, we are interested in the opinions and remarks (of users) which come up most often. The characteristics that are   most often   praised about the Corioliss K5 straightener are the following:

  • Effortless gliding
  • A straightening device also makes it possible to curl the hair.
  • A straightening iron that adapts to all hair, even the most fragile, fine or thick, wavy or curly.

Hybrid, the Corioliss K5 professional can be used with or without treatment (like a conventional straightener). For many, it reflects the luxury of perfect smoothing at home and the possibility of benefiting from the innovation of real repairing care. Other advantages often put forward by people who have tested the Corioliss K5:

  • The lightness of its plates
  • The ease of changing treatment
  • Fast heating time
  • Ease of making curls

Nevertheless, an improvement point is regularly highlighted. This is the fragility of the system intended to accommodate the keratin capsule. Both the capsule and the reception system reveal certain fragility. The Corioliss K5 straightener should, therefore, be handled with care.

The ease of use of the Corioliss K5 iron is therefore not a myth as well as the effectiveness of its Keratin treatments. Our tester is very satisfied with this device but specifies that a larger plate width, for his thick and curly hair, would have been welcome.

To conclude, the Corioliss K5 straightener undoubtedly constitutes an excellent straightener, very high-end, with an impressive rendering both in smoothing and in the production of curls.

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