Add some lemon to your life

If you call lemons the biggest celebrity in the vitamin C and the citrus world, it wouldn’t be wrong. It has a beautiful smell, a strong color which is really attractive and last but surely not least; it has some amazing properties for your skin and overall health. You should really add some lemon in your life and see the results. Below are some ways it can benefit you and how can you add it to your diet and your skincare routine for excellent results.

Nutrients and how should you take them

Lemons have magnesium, vitamin C, calcium and potassium. Add some lemon in your life all these are essential for your body growth, your bone, and their movement. Not just that, they help the most with your skin, nails and your hair. So, you will have an entire package in just one go. All you have to do it add one glass of lemon water in your daily routine. You can use PhenQ and lemon water as an alternative to caffeine. Take it the first thing in the morning and make that it’s not too cold or too hot. It will give your body a kick start, work well with the digestive system and remove the toxins and the harmful chemicals.

Benefits for your health

  • Lemons have antioxidants that will help you fight those diseases. It is known to have fought cancer cells,
  • The lemon juice you take will help you keep your skin tone even and can remove pigmentation and dark spots. You can apply it on your face by making a mask or you can even drink lemon water as mentioned above for overall benefits,
  • It is also a solution for open and big pores. A dose of lemon can cause the skin to smoothen out reducing the open pores and the oily skin which makes your face look greasy,
  • It will also reduce the extra inflammation and redness. It is known to be both antiseptic and astringent but be careful to use it in diseases like eczema or dermatitis. Take the advice of your dermatologist,
  • If you have a problem related to dandruff or there are dead skin cells always creating a problem, you can surely apply some lemon juice. It is a known exfoliator so forget those dandruff flakes falling on your black clothes,
  • If you have a problem with de-hydration, don’t worry because a little dose of lemon has got you covered. Lemon water will take your thirst away and fight the dehydration,
  • It will also detoxify your liver and is also a great overall detoxifier. Not just that, it will also supply all the needed minerals,
  • Lemon water will stabilize your pH levels as it is naturally alkaline.
  • If you are having some problems with lemon water due to your throat or any special skin condition, don’t start it without the advice of your doctor. Make sure that you take about one glass and don’t overdo it to avoid some serious conditions.

Rabiya Raheel is our content creator at blusheee who has been working with writing companies before and has ample experience in composing different kinds of papers. She is currently doing majors in psychology and is also keen on making sure that people become aware of skincare and easy means to maintain themselves according to the ongoing beauty standards. Her writing is also trying to ensure that skin diseases get early recognition and treatment. Along with that, women around the world can follow easy steps at home for well kept and beautiful skin and also encourage to people Add some lemon in your life

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